Corporate Wellness + Speaking Engagements

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Dr. Rachel has partnered with several Fortune 500 Companies and organizations to provide corporate wellness programming and presentations centered around mental health and well-being. Today, Dr. Rachel continues to consult and collaborate with many organizations to develop wellness programming and provide webinars tailored to the needs of the individual clients. Topics have included stress management, emotional eating, the mind-body connection, the power of our thoughts, self-care, and preventing burnout. 

Here is a sampling of Dr. Rachel's speaking engagements:

  • "Self-Care for Healthcare Professionals to Avoid Burnout"- ASMBS
    April 2022
  • "Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World." - Citi
    March 2022
  • "Setting Goals that Set You Up for Success." - Peanut
    February 2022
  • "Utilizing CBT for Disordered Eating Behaviors." - NYU
    February 2022
  • "Managing Your Stress Effectively." - Blackstone
    February 2021
  • "The Mind-Body Connection- 5 Part Series"- Citi
    January-February 2021
  • Keynote Presentation: “The Mind-Body Connection: Taking a Holistic Approach to Managing Stress & Finding Balance - Raytheon Intelligence & Space Contract Operations & Transformation Depart.
    November 2020
  • Mindfully Managing Holiday Eating” - The Nielsen Company
    November 2020
  • “Losing the Quarantine- 15” - NBA
    October 2020
  • "5 part series: Mind-Body Techniques for Human Resources” - The Nielsen Company
    September-October 2020
  • “Intention Setting and Your Health” - Environmental Defense Fund
    August 2020
  • "Care for Caregivers to Avoid Burnout"- ASMBS
    June 2020
  • "5 part series: The Mind-Body Connection” - Hearst
    May-June 2020
  • “Mini Breathing Break” - Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc.
    March 2020
  • "What Does Stress Have To Do With It?", The Oprah Magazine Self-Care Summit Presented by Danskin- Hearst Digital Media
    November 2019
  • “Mind Over Matter: Reframing the Stress Response” - The Advertising Council
    November 2019
  • “Smart Stress Management” - Morgan Stanley
    October 2019
  • “Self-Care in the Workplace” - CBS, Women in Media Career Summit
    April 2019

Here is a sampling of some of Dr. Rachel's wellness programming:

  • Co-Host, Balance and Beyond Wellness Event Series
    Topics included: plant-based lifestyle, gut health, women's health, sleep
  • Co-Host, Breezes Bahamas Resort & Spa, Wellness Week
    April 2018
  • Co-Host, One World Commons, One World Trade Center, Wellness Fair
    January 2018
  • Host, One World Commons, One World Trade Center, Healthy Lifestyle Challenge
  • Host, One World Commons, One World Trade Center, Monthly Lunch and Learn series