Podcasts: Listen to Dr. Rachel

Dr. Rachel has been a guest on various wellness podcasts. Check them out below.

Wellness Beast by @Chooseloveart

Episode 4 features another heavy hitter guest, Dr. Rachel Goldman. Mental health is especially important during the world's current pandemic state so in this episode Dr. Goldman discusses:
- The benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- Mental Health coverage
- The difference between hunger and stress eating
- Tips on combating stress/anxiety and much more!


Omnia Fitness with Rick & Drago
Episode 47

With Mental Health Awareness Month in full swing, the Omnia Fitness Podcast welcomes Dr. Rachel Goldman, a clinical psychologist specializing in health and wellness, including health behavior change and stress management. Listen in as we talk about the difference between emotional eating and physiological hunger, some ways to battle overeating, and the importance of balance.


The NASM-CPT Podcast With Rick Richey
The Mental Side of Health

Dr. Rachel Goldman joins Rick as a special guest discussing mental health during the times of COVID-19 and how CPTs can support themselves and their clients. What is within our scope of practice and when we should direct someone to a mental health professional. Also discussed are ways to bring up seeing a mental health professional in a way it can be best received.


Here's Something Good
The Importance of Routine Right Now

Uncertainty can cause anxiety, and at challenging times, humans seek comfort in familiarity and routine. Dr. Rachel Goldman of the NYU School of Medicine offers great advice on how to form new routines that will give us back the sense of control we’ve lost. (Hint: Take baby steps!)

Leanne Ward Nutrition
Episode 38: Eating Behaviors, Self-sabotage and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In this episode Dr. Rachel discusses her tips related to eating behavior and dealing with stress eating. She chats with Leanne Ward about co-workers and family members who self-sabotage your progress, finding and maintaining motivation and how to set goals that you will actually achieve! They also talk about mindful eating and planning ahead when it comes to long term health. Finally, they end with a brilliant discussion about happiness and confidence plus how to recognise the signs of disordered eating.

Episode 39: Confidence, Stress Management and Motivation